Jan 28, 2015

My Nighttime Skincare Routine! ☾

Hello Everyone!

If you haven't checked my YouTube in a couple of days, you probably wouldn't know I finally uploaded a video I've been meaning to do forever! My Nighttime Skincare Routine! Skincare routines are one of my favorite videos to watch! I love seeing what other people use to get product recommendations especially if their skin type is similar to mine OR because their skin looks flawless and I'm dying to know what they use! I hope you enjoy the video and maybe find a product or two of mine useful for you. :) Of course, I love skincare so I change it up quite frequently but recently the products shown have been what I've been loving and using consistently! XoXo loves! ♡

FYI, links to products are posted below the video on YouTube!

Jan 21, 2015

What's Coming to BBW For Spring 2015!

Hey Everyone!

Lots of BBW info on what's to come so lets just jump right into it! ;)

Perfect Spring Fragrances
I'm not sure if they are just returning or returning with new packaging.
✿ Butterfly Flower (White Orchid, Mimosa Petals, Creamy Coconut Milk)
✿ Carried Away (White Jasmine, Lush Raspberries, Whipped Vanilla)
✿ Cherry Blossom (Cherry Blossom, Red Plum, Soft Sandalwood) 
✿ Wild Honeysuckle (White Woods, Rain-Kissed Jasmine, Wild Honeysuckle)

Love & Sunshine
☀︎ Love & Sunshine (Sun-Kissed Daisies, Mara Strawberry, Sweet Lemon) 
☀︎ Photo I shared on my Instagram of the latest bounce back coupon featuring Love & Sunshine!

❀ Hawaii Passionfruit Kiss (Kona Mountain Passionfruit, Luscious Kiwi, Hawaiian Red Pineapple)
❀ Kauai Lei Flower (Coconut Milk, Vanilla Orchid, Sun-Kissed Plumeria) 
❀ Maui Mango Surf (Ruby Mango, Guava Nectar, Coral Hibiscus) 
❀ Oahu Coconut Sunset (Molten Amber, Hawaiian Monoi, Coconut Blossom)
❀ Waikiki Beach Coconut (Beach Coconut, Saltwater Breeze, Sun-Bleached Woods) 

Home Fragrance
Signature Collection
✔ Love & Sunshine 
✔ Sweet Pea (Wallflower Fragrance Refills ONLY)
✔ Warm Vanilla Sugar (Wallflowers Fragrance Refills ONLY)
✔ Beautiful Day (Wallflowers Fragrance Refills ONLY)
✔ Japanese Cherry Blossom (Wallflowers Fragrance Refills ONLY)

Amazon Falls
✔ Black Teakwood 
✔ Brazilian Blue Waters 
✔ Copacabana Beach
✔ Mango Dragon Fruit 
✔ Rainforest Gardenia 
✔ Rio Red Guava 
✔ Spiced Pineapple Samba 

Spring Market
 Cherry Blossom Sangria
✔ Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut 
✔ Peach Bellini 
✔ Sparkling Limeade 
✔ Strawberry Rhubarb Marmalade 
✔ Vanilla Bean Marshmallow 
✔ Watermelon Lemonade 
✔ Iced Almond Chai - White Barn Exclusive - (Coconut Milk, Fresh Cinnamon, Crushed Ice)
✔ Tequila Lime Cupcake - White Barn Exclusive - (Vanilla Cake, Lime Frosting, Splash of Tequila)

Happy Home
Fresh - Spring Blue Skies (Fresh Citrus, Blue Waters, Fresh Moss) 
✔ Happy - Sunshine & Green Daisies (Dewy Greens, Jasmine, Daisy Petals) 
✔ Home - Sweet Caramel Comfort (Juicy Pear, Warm Caramel, Vanilla)
✔ Love - Hearts & Flowers (Blueberries, Sparkling Orange, Pink Peonies)
✔ Relax - Lavender Linens (Wild Lavender, Rosemary, Warm Tonka) 
✔ Smile - Pink Lemonade Punch (Tart Raspberries, Sparkling Lemons, Sugared Pomegranate) 
✔ Sunshine - Bright Verbena Blossoms (Verbena Blossoms, Lavender, Lily of the Valley)

Tiki Beach
Caribbean Escape
✔ Coconut Leaves
✔ Island Margarita
✔ Oceanside 
✔ Papaya Sunrise (Tropical Citrus, Pink Melon, Coconut) 
✔ Pineapple Mango
✔ Tiki Beach
✔ Beach Cabana (Wallflowers Fragrance Refills ONLY)

Big Island Bamboo (Fresh Waters, Bamboo, Driftwood)
✔ Guava Colada (Coconut Husk, Peaches, Pink Guava)
✔ Hawaiian Hibiscus (Pink Grapefruit, Mango, Hibiscus Flowers) 
✔ Honolulu Sun (Warm Sun, Pineapple, Coconut Milk)
✔ Oahu Coconut Sunset (Tropical Fruits, Coconut, Gardenia) 
✔ Pineapple Palm Grass (Green Grass, Sweet Oranges, Juicy Pineapple) 
✔ Sweet Maui Mango (Fresh Mango, Mandarin, Pink Dragonfruit)  
✔ White Sand Beaches (Soft Woods, Sprigs of Lavender, Fresh Blue Waters) 

Seasonal Colored Glass
✔ Apple Flower (Juicy Honeycrisp, Mandarin, Muguet Petals) 
✔ Eucalyptus Mint
✔ Fresh Water & Seasalt (Sea Spray, Sparkling Oranges, Warm Sandalwood)
✔Honeysuckle Bouquet
✔ Japanese Cherry Blossom
✔ Lavender Vanilla
✔ Lemon Mint Leaf
✔ Lilac Blossom
✔ Mahogany Teakwood
✔ Renew & Refresh
✔Eucalyptus Mint & Rain (Wallflowers Fragrance Refills ONLY)
✔ Kitchen Lemon (Wallflowers Fragrance Refills ONLY)

✔ Eucalyptus Mint
✔ Limoncello
✔ Fresh Linen (Wallflowers Fragrance Refills ONLY) 
✔ Cinnamon Stick (Wallflowers Fragrance Refills ONLY) 

Chicago (White Barn Exclusive)
North Avenue Beach (Creamy Coconut, Summer Orchids, Vanilla) 
✔ Lakeside Drive (White Woods, Water Lily, Refreshing Pear) 
✔ Michigan Avenue (Bergamot, Citrus, Lavender) 
✔ Sweet Home Chicago (Salted Sweet Cream, Warm Taffy, Caramel Corn) 

Rooms (White Barn Exclusive) 
Bedroom - Lavender Linens (French Lavender, Musk, Cedarwood) 
✔ Kitchen - Sun-Drenched Herbs (Marigold, Orchid Petal, Leafy Green Herbs)
✔ Master Bath - Bergamot Water (Bergamot, Sugared Citrus, Creamy Sandalwood)
✔ Wine Cellar - Mulled Wine & Spice (Saffron, Indonesian Patchouli, Red Fruit)
✔ Den - Leather & Agarwood (Exotic Agarwood, Tobacco Flowers, Fine Leather) 

So Pretty, So Chic (White Barn Exclusive) 
French Lavender (Fresh Wild Lavender, Fruity Floral Jasmine, Warm Tonka)  
✔ Peony Petals (Blueberries, Sparkling Oranges, Pink Peonies) 
✔ White Pear Champagne (Champagne, Sparkling Pear, Effervescent Plum) 
✔ Lemon Verbena (Lily of the Valley, Lavender, Verbena Blossoms) 
✔ Paris Daydream (Bergamot, Blue Waters, Fresh Moss)
✔ Black Raspberry Merlot (Oak Barrels, Sparkling Red Wine, Crisp Pear) 
✔ Vanilla Bean Macaron (Steamed Milk, Sweet Vanilla Bean, Marshmallow Fluff) 
✔ Blue Orchid (Orchid, Violet Petals, Soft Woods) 

Screen Doors And Sweet Tea (White Barn Exclusive)
✔ Beautiful Day 
✔ Bowties and Bourbon (Fresh Bergamot, Vanilla, Dark Oak) 
✔ Georgia Peach (Apricots, Bergamot, Juicy Peaches)
✔ Honeysuckle 
✔ Lilac Blossom 
✔ Praline Pecan Cobbler (Pecans, Cinnamon Sugar, Warm Caramel)
✔ Southern Sweet Tea (Brewed Tea, Lemon Twist, Sugar Cubes) 
✔ Sundress
✔ Veranda Garden (Fresh Citrus, Lush Greens, Cedarwood)  
✔ Watermelon Lemonade  

Turquoise Waters (White Barn Exclusive) 
Black Sands
✔ Coconut Vanilla
✔ Endless Weekend 
✔ Monoi Tiare Flower (Sparkling Orange, Gardenia, Creamy Vanilla) 
✔ Ocean Driftwood
✔ Polynesian Palm (Green Palm Leaves, Watery Nuances, Hyacinth)  
✔ Pomelo Paradise (Papaya Slices, Mangos, Grapefruit Zest) 
✔ Sunset Beach (Caribbean Pineapple, Papaya Pulp, Sugarcane)  
✔ Tahitian Island Dream (Mandarins, Water Lily, Tahitian Vanilla) 
✔Turquoise Waters 

Soaps & Sanitizers
Sunshine is Delicious 
Blue Skies & Blooms (Wild Daisies, Daffodils, Lychee)  
♡ Pink Peonies & Pears (Pink Sugar, Peony Petals, Anjou Pears) 
♡ Spring Poppies & Picnics (Strawberries, Wild Poppies, Spring Nectar) 
♡ Springtime & Clementines (Peach Blossoms, Blood Orange, Clementine) 
♡ Sunshine & Lemons (Lemon, Freesia, Juicy Nectarines)  
♡ White Lily & Lime (Garden Air, Spring Lilies, Citrus)  

Hawaiian Pink Hibiscus (Hawaiian Petals, Pink Guava)  
♡ Honolulu Sun (Fresh Island Coconut, Pacific Palm)  
♡ Island White Pineapple (White Pineapple, Sparkling Melon)  
♡ Lush Bamboo Waterfall (Lush Bamboo, Island Mist)  
♡ Mango Maui Mai Tai (Sweet Mango, Juicy Blood Orange)  
♡ Papaya Sunset (Sun-Kissed Papaya, Warm Jasmine)  

Wow, that was a lot to type out haha! All I can say is I'm excited! :)

Jan 20, 2015

Blog Sale Updated 1/20/15!

Hello Everyone!

My last blog sale post is rather old so I thought I'd do an updated post today. As always, thanks to all of you who have made my blog sales a success! It means a lot to me! ♡ If you are new to my blog sale, welcome! The guidelines are posted below for you to read...

1. PayPal only.
2. Open to everyone!
3. Items are new unless otherwise stated.
4. Prices are fair and non-negotiable.
5. No returns.
6. Email KelWlsn@gmail.com to order.
7. Thanks for shopping! :)
8. You have 24 hours once invoiced to pay or I will cancel your invoice and move on to the the next buyer!
9. Items may be added periodically so check back often!
10. First come, first served. 

- Shipping costs are based on the weight of the items/package + location. 
- Of course, if you are an International buyer, your shipping costs are higher than the U.S. 
- If your package weighs 13 ounces or less, I can ship via USPS First Class Mail (U.S. ONLY) however, items are shipped in a padded envelope and aren't protected as well compared to being shipped in a box. 
- All costs include a tracking # sent to your PayPal email address once the items are shipped. 
- I ship with bubble wrap and packing peanuts for protection. I ship quickly!
- Typically, 14.5 oz 3-Wick candles are shipped as follows (excluding International):
  • One candle $5.95 - $7.95 depending on location. (West coast typically $9.95). 
  • Two candles can be shipped for the prices above. 
  • Three candles $11.95.
  • Four candles $15.95. 
  • Shipping costs are subject to change. 
✓ All orders include a FREE beauty sample! (While supplies last.)

Bath & Body Works 3-Wicks
All 3-Wicks are $12 unless otherwise stated under the picture.

Bath & Body Works 3-Wick Test Candles
All 3-Wicks are $15 unless otherwise stated below picture. 

Wax For Your Warmer
All wax is $1.25 each.

Hand Sanitizer
All hand sanitizers are $1.00 each unless stated under picture. 

Hand Soaps
All soaps $2.00 each. 

Provence Garden for BBW SmartSoap Dispenser. Barely used. $1.50


Shower Gels 
All shower gels are $4.00 each unless otherwise stated.




Body Lotions
All body lotions are $4.00 unless other side stated below picture. 

 Barely used. $3.00

VS Very Sexy Now Spray Lotion. Barely Used. $5.00

Body Butter

The Body Shop Vanilla Trial size. 1.6 ounces. $2.00






Physicians Formula Super BB Lip & Cheek Balm in Natural Peach. $5.00

Make Lipstick Samples. $.75




Rimmel Provocalips 16 HR Kiss Proof Lip Color! 
Shades left to right: I'll Call You and Play With Fire. $3.00 each. 

Eye Makeup

Swedish Beauty yourMinerals Eyeshadow Duo in Swedish Winter & Lavender Dream. $5.00

Ulta Complete "Indie" Eye Kit - 4 shadows, 1 powder liner - $4.00

CoverGirl Bombshell Shineshadow in Gold Goddess. $1.00

 Smashbox Full Exposure Sample! $1.00

Pacifica Eyeliner in Fringe! $1.00


 Shade #RavingHot $.25

Shade Appletini $.25

All makeup $1.00 each. 

 BRAND NEW! Shade Ivory.

Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation in Shade Ivory.

Rimmel BB Cream 9-in-1 Matte Skin Perfecting Makeup in Shade Light.

BareMinerals BareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation SPF 20 Sample! Shade Bare Ivory. $1.00

Coastal Scents Forever Blush Sample!


 Glade Plug-in Warmer. $1.00

Used Target Hot Pink Wristlet. This does show minimal wear from normal use. $5.00

Jessie Steel Brown with White Polka Dots Apron. $5.00 

 Crown Brush Eyeshadow Dual-Ended! $2.00

Sigma Travel Size Eyeliner Brush! $1.00



Home Fragrance 
All home fragrance $1.00.

 Crystal Coral Paradise Aruba Auto Room Spray. 

Twirlin' Breeze Candle. 


 Volume Root Lifting Spray Gel. $2.00

 L'Oreal Triple Resist Conditioner. $1.50 

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day 5 in 1 Styling Treatment Sample. $2.00



Pur-lisse SPF 30 Essential Daily Moisturizer! $3.00




Dior J'adore Eau de Parfum Deluxe Sample! $2.00