Mar 27, 2015

March 2015 Favorites!

Hello again, Friday! Good to see you!

I'm back with my favorites for the month of March! I went back into my collection this month and rediscovered some products I really love! Not to say there aren't a couple of new items as well. As always, I include some TV shows I've been loving as well as a few songs! I don't think I've ever talked about jewelry before but I have two faves in this month! I hope you guys enjoy! Until next time ... XoXo! 

Mar 20, 2015

BoxyCharm "Lucky Charm" Unboxing || March 2015!

Hello Everyone!

I've got a brand new beauty box to share with you guys! Woo hoo! :)

Drum roll .... BoxyCharm

This box was so much fun to unbox! A little more info about this box: $21 a month, 4 full-size products, and 1 travel size item + free shipping! Pretty awesome, right!? Oh, the packaging is adorable by the way.  I appreciate getting 4 full-size products! Let me just say, I was impressed to say the least! Everything included in this box are products I feel I would have purchased with my own money. One particular product I have purchased several of in the past. ;) Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy my video below and definitely check out BoxyCharm for yourselves! Until next time ... XoXo!  

Disclaimer: Thank you BoxyCharm for this collaboration! All opinions are 100% my own.

Mar 13, 2015

Allure Sample Society Unboxing || March 2015!

Good to see you, Friday!

Kickin' off the weekend with an Allure Sample Society Unboxing!

This box gets nothing but love from me! It's a box I always feel is worth the money ($15) and I get all tingly inside when I see it's shipped and on its way to me! :) I've mentioned this before but I enjoy the fact they tend to sample more high-end brands than say Birchbox. Or at least more recognizable high-end brands. The 5 deluxe size samples I feel are substantial for the amount of money paid. Did I mention I love this box!? Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy the unboxing video below and I'm wishing you all a wonderful, relaxing, fun-filled weekend! Until next time ... XoXo.

Mar 9, 2015

February 2015 Favorites!

Happy Monday!

I'm back with another favorites video for you albeit a little late!

First, I know it's already March 9th but can we talk about how quick February passed? Like, wow. It's already March 2015. Blows. My. Mind. Anyways, up on my channel now is my latest set of favorites from the month of February. From skincare, to makeup, to lifestyle and music faves ... it's all included haha! I hope you guys enjoy the video and I'm wishing you all a fabulous week! FYI, the links to the products mentioned in the video are below the video on YouTube in case you are interested in trying something I share. Until next time ... XoXo. :)

Mar 2, 2015

White Barn Exclusives Candle Haul!

Hi Loves!

Back with my White Barn Exclusives Candle Haul!

There are two new well, sort of new, candle collections that are considered "White Barn Exclusives." Meaning you will only find these candles at White Barn or a BBW Test Store. The two collection names are Screen Doors & Sweet Tea and the Turquoise Waters. I didn't purchase every candle as some were repackages or plain out stinky but if you want the full list of candles in each collection, you can see my post here for that information + more! I hope you guys enjoy my thoughts on these candles and wishing you all a wonderful week! Until next time ... Xo. :)

Feb 27, 2015

Get Ready With Me: My Everyday Natural Makeup Look!

Happy Friday Everyone!

I'm back with a makeup tutorial for you guys!

I've been getting so many compliments on this look (thank you!) so I decided to film a tutorial on how I do it and show all the products I use to achieve this look. It's a very natural look, particularly the eye makeup, with a little bit bolder lip. It's great for everyday! You look very put together even without much eyeshadow and no eyeliner. I've been loving this look for the past month or so and I hope you guys love it too! Links to all products used are below the video on YouTube! Until next time ... Xo. ♡

Feb 20, 2015

Birchbox Unboxing || February 2015!

Thank Goodness It's Friday! :)

It's time for my February Birchbox Unboxing! First off, how cute is the box? Lately, I've been keeping mine to decorate with but I've seen on Pinterest where they've been used to wrap presents in. They are kind of perfect for those smaller gifts and a great way to reuse the box without throwing it away! Anyways, I hope you enjoy my unboxing video and please give it a big thumbs up! Until next time... XoXo.